Weekend Recap: The Calm Between the Storms

After a long first week back at school, all I could think about this weekend was sleeping in and lying low. The next few weeks are going to be incredibly busy, and all we wanted was a relaxing few days.

Friday night we decided to give Mai Thai another shot, as our first experience was excellent except for a bit of a hitch with the service. We followed the advice of our friends and ordered takeout, which was excellent. Cashew chicken, Pad Thai, and veggie rolls all hit the spot. Scott and I tried to start season 1 of Game of Thrones, but were sound asleep within minutes. Epic fail. Anyone watch it? What do you think?


Saturday morning we ventured down to Potomac Mills Mall for a little post-school shopping. Didn’t find a whole lot, so we took a detour to enjoy one of our favorite local wineries – Potomac Point. It’s idyllic there, a perfect country drive to make especially in the coming month as the leaves change color.

calm-2 calm-3 calm-4 calm-5

Saturday evening we braved the bad weather and had dinner at TJ Stones, a small restaurant off of Route 1 in Old Town. Though the entire meal was pleasant (Scott had the beef brisket and I enjoyed the veggie burger with sweet potato fries), we thought the homemade Gouda Tator Tots were a home run – we’d recommend them to anyone looking for a rich and delectable appetizer.  We headed home after dinner to curl up with Ivan and Miah and watch the feel-good Mama Mia! before bed. However, we fell asleep on the couch before the end and were forced to finish up the next morning.

calm-7 calm-6

Sunday was all about getting errands done and enjoying the first NFL Sunday of the season. After an impromptu spa day, Scott made us guacamole to snack on while football played in the background – it was idyllic. Not to mention, my favorite part of the impending autumn season is the “Autumn Leaves” Yankee Candle we picked up at the mall. Best. Scent. EVER. Trust me.


Sunday evening we watched Chicago (what can I say, I was singing show tunes all weekend) and Scott made a homemade pizza. We spent the second evening curled up together watching the movie, an activity we enjoy immensely. We know the next month will fly, and our schedules are more crazy than ever. It’s always important to take the time to slow down and relish in the quiet moments when they happen.

Happy Monday, all!

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    1. I am completely addicted to Game of Thrones! I reluctantly started watching season one back in June, and made my way through the first three seasons quite quickly. I’m not (not so) patiently waiting for season 4 to come out on DVD so I can continue my obsession…

      It did take a good three or four episodes to really hook me. But once it happened, there was no going back!

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