“Are you having kids?”

We don’t have children, so parents out there – feel free to call us crazy while reading this. People continue to ask if we are intrested in a future with little ones, and we carefully dance around the topic. However, we have been thinking about it and why we are so darn scared. This isn’t a list to convince people not to have children, but rather a list of all the things you hear or personally think when you see a child in the neighboring shopping cart screaming.

Here is a list of the reasons that make us believe we’re not ready for children:

1. It takes me between 6-8 months to schedule a doctor’s appointment. How will I ever remember to to set one up for another person?

2. We don’t have enough time for all the visitors who would want to come stay with us after the birth.

3. We don’t know enough people to take care of them when we try to sleep.

4. Wait- they don’t have the same sleep pattern as me?

5. We have children already -their names are Ivan and Miah.

6. We seem to throw our backs out just by waking up in the morning, how are we ever going to be able to pick up a child?

7. Babies cost money, right? Well we don’t have any of that.

8. Not sure I’ll be able to handle all the food cravings. You know, I’m feeling like another piece of chocolate cake.

9. I’ve heard the process of birth hurts. Big time.

10. When hearing a child screaming in the mall the only thought that crosses our mind is “not having children”.

11. I’m not even convinced I can take care of myself.

12. If I say “stop crying” they listen immediately right?

13. How am I going to help them with algebra when I don’t remember remember what x+y equals?

14. We both work, is there free childcare?

15. Wait, I have to carry this child for 9 months?

16. On that topic does anyone else find it crazy that a human will be growing inside of you?

17. Children are really cute, and then they puke on your new shirt.

18. You’re guaranteed to get peed on.

19. I really don’t like getting sick, so morning sickness isn’t appealing.


All of this being said when you hold a newborn baby things always seem to change. Tell us: how DO you know when you are ready?

-Al and Scott


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    1. I agree with everything Eliza and Audrey said! You just kind of wing parenthood. Gavin is 2.5 years old and I still feel like I don’t know what I’m doing sometimes. Having and raising kids is messy and chaotic, but it is seriously the best thing I have ever done. These two tiny people make my heart so full that sometimes I’m convinced it’ll burst. It won’t be easy, but it will be incredible.

    1. If you adopt a little baby, half of your fears are wiped out! :) And while kids are hard, (and I mean really hard … like make me want to poke my eyes out hard), the love you have for them makes up for all the crap. Plus, I honestly couldn’t imagine a better mom than you, Alix (and I don’t know Scott, but if he picked you, I’m positive he would make a spectacular daddy).

    1. Personally, I don’t think you can ever fully prepare or be ready. You just have to stop thinking so hard and have a kid. That being said, try to make sure you are in a good place financially and with your relationship. But that’s it. The rest is just flying by the seat of your pants!

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