Weekend Recap: Evidence of Adulthood

There were three major things that dominated our first full weekend together since I got back from NY: food, couch hunting, and DIY projects.

I feel like such a grown-up.

Friday evening, Scott and I had dinner at Station 4, a sophisticated yet modern American restaurant located in right across the Waterfront metro in DC. Though neither of us were too keen on octopus, the experience was one we would recommend to friends -especially for the chic atmosphere.

station4-2 station4-1

Saturday morning we were on a hunt – a hunt that has been in the making for 6 months. Finally, Scott and I are making our first major joint-purchase: a couch. As we mentioned in this post, we have been sadly using my classroom futon in place of real furniture. I don’t know why we waited. Funds? Time? Both? Who knows. But it’s time to join the ranks of big kids and get a real couch. However, it is not as easy as it seems. I felt like Goldilocks and the 3 Bears – this one is too firm, this one is too soft, nothing was JUST right! So frustrating.

We did manage to work in a trip to one of our favorite sandwich spots in Arlington on Saturday afternoon for a quick lunch. Earl’s is a must stop for anyone who craves a good ‘wich and KILLER sweet potato fries. Love this place. And their service? Dynamite.

earls-1 earls-2 earls-3

Saturday evening we were still full from dinner the night before, and were anticipating a bigger brunch on Sunday, so we opted for a platter of fruit for dinner. After running around all day, it was the perfect night to spend in bed with the pups and watch some TV.

Sunday morning we were introduced to Ulah Bistro on U Street in DC – home of the city’s best french toast, in our book. Though Ulah serves more than just brunch, we maintain if a spot can do brunch right, they can do anything right. I was pleased to find their eggs benedict florentine DELICIOUS, and Scott’s breakfast pizza was spot on. Not to mention, our dessert came in the form of French toast with honey mascarpone and raspberry coulis.  I Can’t. Even. Describe. The Goodness.

ulah-1 ulah-2

We ventured back out on our couch hunt Sunday afternoon before heading back to hit the gym and walk the pups (the french toast comes at a price – we served extra gym time for it). However, Sunday evening was incredibly productive as we re-potted all of my classroom plants and got to work on the gallery wall – the wall that has been bare for 6 months. We joked about it in this post, but finally decided to bite the bullet and get’r done. We measured the space and laid everything out on the floor, ignoring current photos or bare frames. Those will come in time- just hopefully not in another 6 months.


The finished product? I have to admit, Sunday night was spent gazing at our masterpiece, patting each other on the back and congratulating each other on our gallery wall prowess. Don’t worry, we’re for hire. We’ve found a new talent to support my avocado addiction.


We were still too full from brunch to consider a full meal, so we snacked on fruit again and I found an errant avocado in the fridge for some guac. How that sucker got by me for the past few days I don’t even know.


Tell us, what was your first major purchase in your relationship? House? Coffee Maker? And if you are in the area, can you recommend a good furniture store??



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    1. looks like a great weekend.. Miss you tons.. i’ll be emailing you later this week with some updates. kisses to Aunt Al from Millie too. xoxo

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