Weekend Recap: Al’s Return to Virginia

As I type, I am nursing a hot cup of coffee (compliments of Scott) as I lie in bed lingering before I know I will have to pull myself from my month-long vacation on the farm to return to work. In an hour and a half, I must be coiffed and prepared to reengage in the educational arena, something I wish I could put on pause for a few more weeks.

The pups and I returned on Saturday afternoon to an eagerly awaiting Scott. They did well on the trip, and I have to pat all of us on the back for managing a pit stop and surviving it. Now that Miah cannot walk without heavy support on my end, walking the two of them was a triumph indeed.

When we arrived, the pups were excited to see their main man but were a bit disoriented.  We walked into the apartment to find Scott putting the finishing touches on a bowl of guacamole for me and a pile of brand new toys and treats for Ivan and Miah. Needless to say, we were all extremely appreciative. I stuffed my face with my first bowl of Scott’s guac after 6 weeks and simultaneously set to my favorite chore – laundry. So happy to be back to my washer!


After a little downtime we took off to our neighborhood haunt, King St. Blues, to meet a friend of Scott’s whom he hasn’t seen in a long time (and I’ve never met). We had a nice relaxing evening, and were home and in bed by 10:30. My kind of Saturday night. We MAY have jumped into an episode of Dawson’s Creek after the 4 of us piled on the bed, but Ivan, Miah and I were soon out cold – so I couldn’t tell ya.. ;)

Sunday morning I was brought coffee and a plate of fresh fruit as Scott assumed his pre-summer role of walking dogs. It was heaven. We planned a low-key day, and around noon headed into Old Town so I could reacquaint myself with this picturesque little place. I did miss it. We grabbed lunch at Olea, a new Mediterranean inspired place on King Street. Though it’s basically a glorified pizza place, we weren’t too impressed. Review to come.


Now this is where it gets good – Sunday night we attended Cirque du Soleil Amaluna at National Harbor, an item that has been sitting quietly on my bucket list for quite some time. It was breathtaking, and for two straight hours I marveled at the human capacity for artistry in motion. It. Was. Insane. How do they bend like that? Where did they get those muscles? Hell, I just hobbled around my apartment waiting for my back to warm up and work and I’m only 30. Here these women were moving and dancing 30 feet in the air and making it look easy. Though I’ll dedicate an entire post tomorrow to the show, if you are in the DC area and you haven’t seen the show, PLEASE get tickets. You’ll thank me later.


After the show we were lucky enough to attend a 20 minute backstage Q&A panel with the publicist and one of the Costume Directors. I sat in amazement as we learned about the intricacies behind the performance and the little known details of the traveling life. If it was possible, it made me appreciate the show ten times more.

We got home on Sunday night to our beautiful 4-legged family, and again all poured into bed to enjoy an episode of Dawson’s. I admit it fully this time.  Somewhere around minute 31 I drifted into sleep, and there I remained until my alarm alerted me this morning that it is back to work and back to reality.

It’s good to be back. Though I miss the cool, dewy mornings sipping coffee on the porch with my Mom overlooking the horses grazing in the pasture, my life in Virginia is a damn good one. So with that, friends, I must pull myself from this warm spot under the covers and get to work. Happy Monday!


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    1. Is there a LOVE button on this post?? So glad you made it back safe and glad you had a great time with your Mom and family. And Guacamole, yes please!! xoxo

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