The Summer Apart: Things We Missed

2 days left, people. Then Scott and I will be back in the same area code.

It’s been an interesting summer to say the least. At the beginning of our month long separation, we wrote about the things we predicted were bound to happen -and while many of them definitely came true, there were a few surprising things as well.

It’s always easier to be the one away. The person who remains back assuming the apartment and the life undoubtedly gets the tougher role. I had my Mom and the dogs to keep me company for coffee and dinner, while Scott had to fend for himself in an empty apartment.  I certainly can admit that he had the harder job.

The things Scott missed?

Scott says: Finally I don’t have to fold the sheets by myself. I’ve been doing my laundry for years, but when it comes to folding sheets I hate it. Al actually enjoys doing the laundry, and I don’t mind helping fold the sheets.

Scott says: Wine is far better when it’s shared. I don’t consider myself a snob when it comes to wine, but I rarely go back to a bottle the night after it’s been opened. When there are two of us there is a far better chance it won’t end up down the drain.


Scott says: I always get our coffee in the morning, but I often forget to make it the night before when Al isn’t here. What an awful way to start the day when you go to an empty coffee pot and then have to wait 5 minutes for it to brew.

Scott says: So, we own a steam cleaner, which I hear from others is cool. That being said, there is nothing enjoyable about the process of steam cleaning the apartment. Al actually loves steam cleaning though, so I’ll gladly be relinquishing the duties back to her.

Scott says: With Al comes two dogs. What can I say, I miss them too!


Scott says: Al has become a world class garbage picker. Not in a gross way, I promise, but rather Al has started to find every single great treasure that people have gotten rid of before moving out of our complex. I’m hoping for a leather couch next! It’s almost bizarre to come back to the apartment and not see anything “new” around…


Things I missed?

– GUACAMOLE!! I had two watery bowls from restaurants in Florida – didn’t cut the mustard. I’m SOO anxious to get home to a heaping bowl of the guac. Scott? Hint?


– Coffee. Ok, so my Mom picked up the slack and on the mornings she made it to the kitchen first, my coffee would be ready and waiting for me (thanks Mom!!). But let’s be honest, is there anything better than being hand delivered your cup’o’joe before even getting out of bed? Scott is good like that.

– Co-parenting duties. I got used to a life as a single mom to two amazing (but needy) dogs before I met Scott, and I am able to take care of them here on the farm. But sharing the responsibility is so much better, and the dogs have missed him dearly. Ivan needs a bit of testosterone back in his life, and a little male bonding. I plan on videotaping their reaction when they arrive back in Virginia.


– Our rooftop chats. The phone sucks. You can’t connect with someone easily without facial expressions, body language, and close proximity. Little things get misconstrued over the airwaves, and I relish our nights on the roof just talking over a glass of wine or curled up on the lounge chairs.

– Him. Just the everyday, quirky, wierdo things he does that I think are bizarre but so damn lovable. Scott didn’t want this post to get all sappy, so that’s why I said weirdo. But in all seriousness, it’s not about chores and who-does-what at the apartment to keep it clean and running. It’s about the companionship and the friendship.


And the kissing. ;)




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    1. Second the vote for the Scott/pups reunion!

      Really cute post too. I’ve never been apart from my husband that long, and I hope I’ll never be. It would be hard!

    1. Can’t WAIT to see that video of the pups seeing Scott again – you have to post that

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