Product Review: Food Should Taste Good

Like anyone, we love to indulge. When it comes to chips, I would never add up the amount of money we spend on them in a year as I’m convinced we’d be homeowners by now. With Al’s love of guacamole (and pretty much every dip and condiment ever consumed) we constantly peruse the chip aisle on grocery day for the best possible bag. I think we have FINALLY found it….

Though we love trying new restaurants in the city, many of our nights are spent with a bowl of guacamole in front of the TV. Oddly, we have never actually discussed the chips or how they taste. We might comment on how good the avocados in the guacamole are, or that the new dip we’ve made is a huge hit, but never how good the chip. A tortilla chip is just a tortilla chip, right? Wrong.

A couple weeks ago we received an email from Food Should Taste Good – and we absolutely jumped at the opportunity. They provided us with three different bags of chips, and asked to give our honest feedback.


We received three samples:  blue corn tortilla, olive, and sweet potato. We started off with our staple, trying the blue corn tortilla with an avocado salsa recipe. For the first time in awhile we actually found ourselves talking about the chips just as much as we were the good avocados included in the salsa. The chips were flavorful, crisp, and had the perfect amount of salt (Al’s most frequent complaint).  They paired beautifully with the salsa, though we can’t wait to try them with Al’s 7 Layer Dip…



Sweet potato fries are a favorite of ours, so it comes as no surprise that we fawned over this particular bag. Instead of pairing these with a dip, we decided to try them on their own first (which I’d highly recommend). These chips were our favorite, and we’ve since purchased two more bags. What we loved the most is that the chips taste naturally sweet, not artificially enhanced. The sweet potato is a forward flavor and is beautifully captured in this bag.

Though neither of us were as crazy about the Olive tortilla chip, it was no doubt incredibly true to the flavor. Al loves olives, and is convinced she could create a Mediterranean spread that would cater to this particular bag. If you love Olive, this bag is for you.

The selling point with many chips right now is the offer of “33% less fat” than competitors. Not that they taste better or that they are healthier on other levels, but they offer 1-2 grams less fat than another.  The chips from Food Should Taste Good take a different approach and spell out the benefits while also offering flavors very strong to each title. Not only are the chips all natural, but they are certified Gluten Free, Kosher, and Vegan. You won’t find any cholesterol, MSG, or trans fat in the bag, and you get 17g of whole grain. Win-win.

In this day and age, it’s a challenge to find food that is not only healthy but also hits the spot. We love that Food Should Taste Good is just that – it tastes amazing and you won’t feel guilty for days after you polish off the bag.

We’re looking forward to trying more of these chips in the coming months, especially the guacamole flavor (surprise, surprise). If you’re someone who eats as many chips as we do, definitely give these a try. Let us know if you have any recommendations and we’ll go hunt down some more bags for ourselves. With football season upon us, these chips will be a constant in our cupboard.

This post is brought to you in partnership with Food Should Taste Good. All thoughts and opinions are my own

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