Florida Recap Part 2: Downtown Disney!

It seemed like sacrilege to visit Orlando and abstain from Disney altogether, though we couldn’t devote an entire day to it (and $150 a pop! When did childhood magic get so EXPENSIVE??), so we took off after fulfilling Scott’s work duties and traveled the few miles down the road to Downtown Disney – where all your dreams come true for free :)



The evening we chose threatened rain, but it actually lent itself to a slightly more interesting atmosphere and some downright stunning cloud views.

DowntownDisney-4 DowntownDisney-12 DowntownDisney-9 DowntownDisney-6

I don’t know what it is about Disney, but it really brings out the kid in ya. Scott and I wandered throughout Downtown Disney with ridiculous smiles on our faces and a hop in our step. Every store elicited opportunities to play with merchandise and the statues screamed for photo ops. It was splendid.

DowntownDisney-44 DowntownDisney-37 DowntownDisney-36 DowntownDisney-35 DowntownDisney-33 DowntownDisney-31 DowntownDisney-30 DowntownDisney-29 DowntownDisney-28 DowntownDisney-27 DowntownDisney-25 DowntownDisney-24 DowntownDisney-23 DowntownDisney-18 DowntownDisney-16 DowntownDisney-17 DowntownDisney-13 DowntownDisney-10

We enjoyed a light snack at Paradiso 37, an eclectic mix of the countries that make up the Americas. So cool. Though Scott makes a better guacamole, I did enjoy indulging in my first bowl after several weeks without my staple food group. Because ya know, guacamole should be its own group. Duh.

DowntownDisney-43 DowntownDisney-41 DowntownDisney-40 DowntownDisney-39

The street musicians were incredible, especially Don Black, a saxophonist who already has me scouring his websites for CDs to purchase. I have a soft spot in my heart for my fellow sax players, and he has talent running a mile deep.

If you asked us about our trip, we could honestly tell you one of the biggest highlights was our night together at Downtown Disney. The other highlight was the moment my brother dropped to his knee and she said YES – engagement details to come. Stay tuned for Part 3….


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