Weekend Recap: Life in the Country

Admittedly it has been quiet the past week here on the blog, but for good reason. As I type I am enjoying coffee on the porch, looking out into the pasture at the horses grazing contently. Miah (my birthday girl yesterday – 9 years old!) and Ivan have joined me to watch the countryside wake up and to allow the sounds of the birds and the cool breeze amuse them as we sit.

July-1 July-6


Scott left today to head back to Virginia while I remain in our hometown for the rest of the month.

The distance between us is already being felt, and the countdown to our reunion has begun.

It has been an amazing few days, and for the short time we were together at home with our families we decided to let go of the blog and prioritize great conversation and making memories with the people we love. Not to mention, there has been a new addition to the people we love with the birth of Scott’s first nephew, the most beautiful baby boy in the world. Seeing Scott hold his nephew for the first time was a sight I will hold in my heart for years to come.



So that’s about it.  Often times we spend our free moments talking about the blog or running around DC, but this past weekend was all about enjoying each other in the place we truly call home.

July-4 July-3 July-2

Hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July!


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