DC Minute Takes Orlando!

We are here, safe and sound, in SUNNY Orlando Florida.

Life. Is. Good.

We arrived much later than expected yesterday, no thanks to storms in the South East. But after Mom and I shared the first leg of the journey from Buffalo to Atlanta, Scott and I were finally reunited in Atlanta after several lonely weeks. Thank goodness. This is our very first vacation together, even though it is starting as a work trip for Scott.


We are spending the next few days in Orlando while my family descends upon my brother who lives in the Daytona area with his lovely girlfriend (whom we are all meeting for the first time – the girlfriend, not the brother – SO excited!) and we will head that way Sunday.

The Gaylord Palms – our hotel

Today I plan on spending at the resort pool while Scott works the conference, and we will reconvene this evening to explore a bit of Orlando.

Oh, and the best remedy for the onset of Baby Fever (brought upon by our new nephew, Jack) – two beds.  Hello 1950s.


Off to lather on the sunscreen and soak up some Florida rays. Happy Friday, all!!


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