Weekend Recap: The Official Start of Summer

This weekend was more celebratory than most, as Friday was my last day of teaching  and now I’m officially FREE for the summer! I’ll be heading up to NY for the month of July,  so Scott and I have been trying to enjoy every possible minute in June. This weekend was no exception…

After a celebratory mani/pedi on my way home from work on Friday (let’s face it, summer is reserved for hedonistic tendencies) Scott and I jumped on the train and headed into DC to the Waterfront, hoping to score a table at the beach bar Cantina Marina. Scott saw pictures weeks ago of the sunset on the water and has been itching to go. We were in luck and snagged the last table for two, looking out over the Potomac. I’m in love with this city.

CM-1 CM-3

CM-8 CM-11

Knowing that nachos are not quite enough for dinner, we thought we’d take a chance at Oyamel (the nachos had me craving guacamole something fierce) but alas, we were right and they had over an hour wait. Because my guac cravings run me mad, we opted to give Rosa Mexicano one more chance to prove their stuff. It satisfied my craving, but still failed to live up to the higher guac standards I have set.

RosaM-6 RosaM-19

Saturday morning was yet another round of acupuncture for our poor girl, who takes it like a champ and loves her rides in the car. Working on Miah’s update – look for that soon.

Saturday afternoon was by far the most unusual experience we have had, and now one of the best, as we ventured over to Capitol East and took our very first cocktail class through Guys – this is legit. Our experience was led by cocktail connoisseur Marshall, who fascinated us with the history and evolution of Tiki as well as delighted us with personal stories involving the drinks he made.  We left with a new found appreciation for a well-made cocktail and we are excited to try Bookalokal in the future (full review to come).

Bookalokal-18 Bookalokal-24

After running back to Old Town to walk our dogs, it was game time! Saturday evening was our first Nats game of the season, and we were joined by a few of our favorite people from Redline. Sophia startled us about a month ago when she mentioned she had never been to a Nationals game, so we rectified the situation (though we are still waiting to get her a Redbull and vodka from the Bull Pen…) It was a gorgeous night in DC and the Nats sealed the deal with a win.

10418443_10202996018795752_3699262612939561384_n Recap-3

Sunday morning we found ourselves at Society Fair for brunch with one of our friends and local bloggers, Lindsay and her fiance Jake.  We love Society Fair and have been eager to try the brunch menu which definitely didn’t disappoint. We bonded over beignets (YUM) and all things puppy and dog related. Last month Ivan had a playdate with their pup Quincy, whom we all fell for. Such a doll. After brunch, we felt it necessary to head to The Dog Park on King Street and grab cookies for Ivan and Miah, who look forward to their weekly treat.

Recap-4 Recap-5 Recap-6 Recap-8

Sunday afternoon Scott threw his back out and was forced to spend the remainder of the day flat – not something he does happily. We watched the World Cup and snacked on homemade nachos before retiring to bed to finish Season 4 of Dawson’s Creek. #guiltypleasure. :)

It was an excellent kick-off to what we know will be an epic summer. What did you do this weekend?

Happy Monday, all!


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