Guilty Pleasures

Everyone has a list of quirky behaviors that are not usually prioritized on the list of discussion topics in the first few months of dating. But as time marches on and our secret single behavior is outed, all you can do is make the choice to love your significant other in spite of all the bizarre eccentricities. Though we are keeping a few of our most embarrassing on lock-down (content for a rainy day…) here are just a few idiosyncrasies we have accepted, and dare I say, grown to love (??) about the other:



  • Buzzfeed Addict
  • If you send him to the store it’s a guarantee that he will bring home either candy or crackers. Or both.
  • He is hooked on summer songs from the past two decades – everything from Summer Girls to Call Me Maybe (and if you are lucky, you’ll spot him busting a move to Call Me Maybe…)
  • When it comes to romantic comedies, he’s all in! Not even trying to play it cool, he sheds a tear at The Time Traveler’s Wife.
  • Scott will inevitably try out EVERY leather couch he sees.


  • Will watch movies on repeat for years straight. Currently? Julie & Julia. 7 years and going strong.
  • A total gamer –  from Candy Crush to Sims to Nintendo.
  • Binge watches “crap” reality TV – just not Honey Boo Boo or Dance Mom status. She is still secretly rooting for a return of Nick and Jessica.
  • Upon getting home from work, immediately removes all jewelry and leaves a trail of clothes on her way to the closet to get elastic pants and a t-shirt. Then binge eats whatever leftovers are in the fridge. SO classy.


  • Watching Dawson’s Creek after we get in bed (Scott is the world’s easiest victim when it comes to getting hooked on TV shows- and Alix may use this to her advantage…)
  • We kiss at red lights.
  • Guacamole is dinner ATLEAST 3 nights a week. No joke. And yes, that is it.

Now don’t be a stranger – we want to hear at least ONE of your guilty pleasures…go!

-Scott and Al

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    1. This is one of the best sites for young and old souls.

      1. And you, my dear, are a young soul :)

    1. ( I used to watch Dawson’s Creek as a teenager in Greece. It was on every Sunday at 1pm and I always scheduled my day accordingly. I remember once, I ‘d enjoyed the episode so much that after it was over I opened my diary and wrote in capital letters: One day, I’ll go to the USA! )

      Now, about the so-called “guilty” pleasures, I won’t say no to an issue of Cosmopolitan or a “chick-lit” book. And I also enjoy Lifetime movies. I watched Return to Zero the other day and I liked it a lot.

      1. It’s crazy to hear about your teen years in Greece – I always think, “One day, I’ll go to Greece!” Glad you are in the US, friend, looking forward to meeting you in person!! And your guilty pleasures? SO with you on that Cosmo, chica.

    1. Aw love you two!! I have a routine…I come home, cook dinner, then get in bed with my book and then fall asleep to whatever Netflix show I’m currently obsessed with.

      1. Girl, that’s not guilty. That sounds SMART!!! Is it bad that my fantasy is your guilty pleasure??
        I love and miss you!!

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