Extraordinary Alexandria Summer Social

This past week, I was fortunate enough to attend the Extraordinary Alexandria Summer Social which culminated in the official blog launch, “Extra Alex”. Though we are DC by name, we are all things DC and NoVa – happy to support where we live in Old Town, Alexandria.

The evening was held at the Waterfront Cafe and all of the area’s movers and shakers were in attendance. Scott was out of town for work, so I was initially hesitant to attend as a onesie. Luckily, the moment I arrived I recognized several people, including Lee from Red Brick Town, Courtney from Old Town Courtney, and Vina, Mulitmedia Maven for the EatGoodFood Group.  Suddenly, I realized that I wasn’t an abstract and bodiless voice for the area; rather, we are part of a community of remarkable and dynamic people.

extraAlex-1 extraAlex-2 extraAlex-3 extraAlex-5 extraAlex-6 extraAlex-7

For those of you in the area (and those who are looking to visit) Alexandria has an amazing website that provides links to all of the incredible things to see and do. However, as of last week, Visit Alexandria now has a new feature – their very own blog “Extra Alex”. It is dynamic, up to date, and a wonderful resource as we continue to explore our “extraordinary” new home.


After the party, I spent the evening enjoying wonderful conversation with a new friend at Restaurant Eve and geeking out over classic films and the beauty of the right typography. Oh, the little things.

extraAlex-8 extraAlex-9

But as I strolled out the door and down King Street, I felt the effects of Scott’s absence – it was the first time I had spent an evening in Old Town not on the arm of my beloved. I felt the pangs of longing, but just at that moment I looked up from my step to discover the City Hall fountain rising in front of me -and finally, after 10 months of living in this area, I felt like I belonged to this place.  I’ll never forget that feeling.

extraAlex-11 extraAlex-12

Thanks for incredible night, Extraordinary Alexandria!



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    1. That’s not the Courthouse, it’s City Hall. The Courthouse is in the 500 block of King Street.

      1. Thank you for the correction! That’s what happens after a glass of wine and late night writing :)

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