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Al has been slowly making strides when it comes to sushi. What started with just California rolls has expanded to a variety of different selections. We had been looking for a good sushi place, and after getting a recommendation from a friend (@Mont_Ale16) to give MoMo Sushi Restaurant a try we have found our spot.

Momo-1 Momo-3

MoMo is located right next to Bilbo Baggins on Queen Street, only a couple blocks from the waterfront. It can certainly get crowded, so we recommend making reservations in advance. We walked upstairs and were immediately seated and finally got down to the fun of picking our dinner.

Momo-6 Momo-8 Momo-7

Our order consisted of an avocado roll, spicy crunch yellow tail roll, spicy tuna, and as always – edamame to start. Since I had an early flight the next morning, we passed on drinks with this meal and focused on the food. For those of you who have tried MoMo, it will come as no surprise that we loved every last bite. There are certainly people who believe every burger joint, Mexican restaurant, and steakhouse are the same. Momo proves that every Sushi bar is definitely not the same.

Momo-4 Momo-5

After experiencing Momo, Al has changed her mind about what constitutes great sushi and amazingly enough, has no expanded her sushi repertoire to include more than just avocado rolls! If you have a reticent sushi eater in your world, get over to Momo and change their mind.



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