Satellite Room: DC Brunch with Boozy Milkshakes

Located just a couple blocks off Washington DC’s U Street, Marilyn Monroe, Archie Leach, and A.C. Slater are more than just celebrities at the Satellite Room. With the announcement that April 5th marked the start of the Satellite Room’s weekend brunch, this is one more reason to give it a shot. You may already be thinking that you have several locations on your “must visit” list, when it comes to future brunch destinations, so here’s the difference-maker…say it with me: “Boozy Milkshakes!”

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Photo Credit: Emily Clark Hires


This was all we needed to try after leaving an event at the Satellite Room. We immediately started asking our friends if they had ever tried a boozy milkshake, and even for the ones who answered “yes” their interests were peaked. Whereas Al might not always have a sweet tooth, I do! Hearing a milkshake could be part of my brunch was more than music to my ears. As for Al, anywhere that names something after Archie Leach is a place she recommends.

satellite5_Emily Clack_HiRes
Photo Credit: Emily Clark Hires

The Satellite room is now offering brunch every Saturday and Sunday starting 11:00 AM and running until 4. Enjoy classics like Steak and Eggs and three kinds of omelets and more unique dishes like their Peanut Butter and Bacon Sandwich (you can add marshmallow fluff too!!) and Corned Beef Hash, plus unique beverages like their Jerky Loaded Bloody Mary and the Wu-Tangmosa. We wholeheartedly recommend the hash, and can vouch for the Fried Chicken and Biscuit as well.

Satellite_milkshakes2_Emily Clack_HiResSatellite_milkshakes1_Emily Clack_Hires

More importantly – have you ever had a boozy milkshake? Check out the Satellite Room to make that dream a reality.



*All Photo Credits to Emily Clark Hires*

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