St. Patrick’s Day Weekend Recap

This past weekend was thankfully extended due to a freak mid-March snow storm, so we are still in the middle of a cozy day home this St. Patrick’s Day. Scott traveled to Florida this week for work, but was ready to go when he got home on Friday night. We made few plans, but tentatively wanted an opportunity to get into DC as well as enjoy our surrounding new digs in Old Town.

Friday night, Scott and I planned a date night “in” with Bugsy’s take out pizza (read our review!) and the Syracuse basketball game. Though the pizza was excellent and hit the spot, SU left much to be desired. We are still hopeful that they will pull their weight in the tournament, and are ready with our brackets to be destroyed when Syracuse takes it all the way. There is still time to get in on our MARCH MADNESS Challenge – free to register, but a lifetime of bragging rights at stake. Click HERE to enter.

Saturday morning found us lounging watching old Chopped episodes with the pups, but we soon traded in a seat on the couch for a seat on the Metro and took off into DC to the Crime and Punishment Museum. I am a sucker for museums, and about a month ago I scored two discounted tickets on Groupon. Scott and I spent over THREE hours in there, and still we left with half of the museum to be explored. I’ll make sure to write a separate post on this place, as it warrants far more than a paragraph. I will gladly pay again to finish the remaining exhibits, and can bet we’ll spend another 3 hours in the near future…



Scott loves a good night out, and since it was St. Patrick’s Day weekend, we opted to head out on Saturday night to King St. Blues, (read our review!) as we could tell that all of our favorite Old Town Irish Pubs were packed to the gills. We sat and caught up with Ian the bartender (and our very dear friend) and Scott drank an obligatory Guinness to celebrate.

Sunday was perhaps one of the most enjoyable days we’ve had here yet, as we finally felt like “locals”. We have a few new weekly routines, and one is walking into Old Town on Sundays and either have brunch, or get coffee to go. This past Sunday, however, we dropped by Killer ESP and grabbed a salted caramel and a vanilla latte after checking out Alexandria Cupcake for the first time. Both establishments are cozy and unique, and offer an alternative to the mainstream.  We swung by the Dog Park to grab treats for Ivan and Miah, who demand we bring back something from our weekend excursions.



Before heading back to make guacamole for dinner, we stopped in a few new places that we are now head over heals for – Altura Wine and Olio Tasting Room. Both are deceiving, as from the outside it looks as though space will be limited. Stepping through the doors you find an extensive collection of gourmet wines and olive oils, respectively, and we are excited to discuss these at length in future posts.



The rest of the day was spent lounging together, eating guacamole, and enjoying an old school St. Patrick’s Day Disney flick – Darby O’Gill and the Little People. Classic.


It was a full weekend, but not a busy one – the best kind.

For now, more guacamole!


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    1. Ahhh…Alexandria Cupcakes. Sometimes I miss living out there! I heart Old Town…if only it was more affordable to live there…

    1. Looks like a great time!!! I must come visit so I can go to that wine store.. looks like heaven xoxo

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