Date Night IN: Wine and Cheese

From our first date when Al and I came back to a bottle of 2006 Octagon from Barboursville Vineyards, to the first trip I took to Syracuse to visit her and we had a plate of cheese and crackers, we’ve always loved wine and cheese nights. Because last week was the annual Virginia Governor’s Cup competition, it became the perfect excuse to head over to Whole Foods and find several cheeses to go with a 2009 Octagon.

Apple smoked Gouda, Champagne cheddar, and a jalapeno jack were our favorites of the night. The wine, which had won the previous year’s top honor, was obviously exactly what we were looking for. Al is definitely the photographer of the two of us, since my photos are closer to the batch of cell phone photos that Martha Stewart took of her food a couple months back. I also enjoy seeing the photos Al takes, since I can say “We had that!?!?!”

Happy hours and dining out are always wonderful, but there are times when a night in, with small plates of food and a bottle off the shelf are simply perfect. More evenings like this are soon to come, some at our place and others with groups of friends…as always we’ll bring a bottle of wine.



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      1. Too bad it is so unhealthy in excess – we could eat cheese every night! (Well, that and guacamole..) :)

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