11 Ways You Know You’re Addicted to March Madness

March Madness has officially kicked off! Some of us have basically stopped working for the week and are watching games on or getting live updates online. Others are trying to play it cool, while avoiding watching any games at work. Rather they are taking Friday off to watch at a bar with 100 other people who had the same idea. We are both Syracuse fans, so as of now our tournament is going well. As all fans know, this could change at any moment.

Our bed this morning:

As we shuffle around the computer, wardrobe, and TV, we’ve realized there are 11 Ways You Know You’re Addicted to March Madness:

1- Your work clothes, on game day, include either your team’s colors or logo.

I present today’s ensemble:
 photo IMG_20140321_103756_964_zps44bde062.jpg

2- Every time a score is shown across the screen you immediately check your bracket again, just in case you missed something from 2 minutes ago.

3- Your bracket is open at all times on your computer, so you can check for updates in real time.
 photo IMG_20140320_223953_909_zps26d371dc.jpg

4- As soon as a game ends you click refresh on your league’s standings, so you can see if you moved up at all after the game.

5- You’ve immediately decided you need to start trash talking the person, who after 7 games, is in the lead in your league.

6- Friday Happy Hour plans are based solely on whether there are enough TVs for you to see all the games that will be on.

7. You’ve seen your favorite teams logo or name on other people, cars, or stores, immediately making you feel that it’s a sign that your team is going to win it all. (I saw Syracuse twice today, on someone’s sweatshirt and a license plate)

8. You’ve already started contemplating topics you can debate with friends by putting them in brackets. Best beers, wines, chicken wings, sports bars, and pizzas have all been discussed.

9. Without looking, you know exactly how many of your Sweet 16, Elite 8, and Final 4 are still alive.

10. Your Facebook and Twitter photos have been changed to your team’s mascot.

11. If your team is the victim of the big upset of day one, you call in sick the next day, because there is nothing worse than having people apologize for the lousy job the officials did. After all, it wasn’t your team’s fault they lost.

With that being said, we’ll be glued to our brackets until Syracuse plays again tomorrow night. GO CUSE!!!


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