We’re IN!

Our new apartment, that is.IMG_3484

Things on the blog have been quiet for the past week, as we combined our lives and are in the midst of unpacking wine, guac tools, and dog toys. The rest is insignificant, so that will come all in due time.

We are thrilled to not be shuffling back and forth between apartments, and already we are enjoying the new evening routines and joint dog care responsibility. Ivan and Miah are over the moon about having Scott as part of our family, and in the mornings I can hear Scott talking to them in the living room while I get ready for work. Nothing makes my heart quite as happy…

Bear with our silence, and know that we have new stomping grounds and easy access to the Metro, so exploring DC and all of the area attractions are now at our fingertips to do and review. So excited for what this year will bring!

For now, we hope this finds you well – eating guac, drinking wine, and rooting for Syracuse as they take on Duke Saturday night!  Go Cuse!


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    1. YAY, congrats lady (and Scott too), I can’t wait to see pics. xoxo How are my pup niece and nephew? ;)

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