Back to Reality

Scott and I are back in Virginia, but I think we are both still stuck in what was our first (and most incredible) holiday season together.

Home on the farm

We definitely ignored this little blog of ours, but with good reason. The past two weeks we spent all over our native WNY, enjoying time with loved ones and attempting to steal a few minutes here and there for ourselves. Since I live out in the country where we still don’t have town water or cable down my road, I rarely take out my computer to battle with our slow-as-molasses internet.

Christmas morning with the pups…

Scott, my townie, was still active on Twitter and kept things moving there. Lucky dog has speedy wifi.

Though it was a wonderful two weeks, it was also exhausting. We are so fortunate to have families who crave time with us, and so we feel the constant pull to please everyone. It’s a luxury as well as a curse to have grown up just a few miles apart, and so we feel we can accommodate every plan that is made, which had us whipped and overdone by New Year’s Eve. So we spent our first ball-drop in and practically asleep on Scott’s couch, but having the night to ourselves was exactly what we needed after a whirlwind holiday.

Some of the highlights? Talking at length about a possible dream we’ve had for awhile turn into a possibility. Though it is early now to reveal details, if you follow us on Twitter I’m sure you can surmise. We’ll discuss it soon here, if/when we nail down more details…Stay tuned.

We also had a beautiful Christmas/1st Anniversary. I’m going to brag for a second and say my man surprised me with my first set of pearls (HOLY SH*T!!!!) and the record player I have been lusting after for years. The first song we played was off of the record I bought Scott for Christmas (ok, MAYBE I had advanced knowledge of the record player…) and it was our song, “Can’t Help Falling in Love”, from Ingrid Michaelson’s album Be Ok. My Mom has an extensive record collection and so I am borrowing from her lending library until I acquire more of my own.

The vacation ended with a beautiful wedding, as Scott’s cousin got married this past weekend. I finally found a man who can dance, and so we have looked forward to this night for a long time so we could take to the floor together and let loose. So, so fun. The end of the night we were worn out, but I think we have resolved to go out in DC and dance, as waiting for another wedding just won’t do.

Notice the perfectly coordinated tie/skirt combo…Good thing he puts up with me.

I took the day off from school so I could rest a back injury, so my hope is to get back into the swing of things and ready to go for the week. Scott was a champ and not only drove the entire way back last night (in an ice storm, no less) but is back in full steam at work today – and I already miss him.

At the end of the day, it’s back to reality – but I’m so lucky to have this life as my reality.

Hope you all had a wonderful few weeks!
Happy New Year,


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