Apartment Hunting: Not for the faint of heart.

At this point I’m screaming “Uncle!” – hoping that if the powers of the Universe hear me, they’ll stop the torture.

Seriously, I have never been more discouraged in any residential hunt. Scott and I have been looking high and low, considering options for us as well as the kiddos. We have unwillingly lowered our standards, just to have them teased tonight to near disaster.

We started this hunt with a townhouse in mind. As you know, the kids needed a yard and I was tired of walking them every day, all day. If you recall our original “must haves”, it included a yard of some sort.

On that point, we’ve rolled over and all 4 legs are up in the air.

Townhouses around these parts AIN’T CHEAP. And by that, I mean that Scott and I could vacation for a week in the Caribbean rather than pay the upfront fees and deposits. Hell, I could get a new computer just with the money saved from dog fees.

What is most alarming is the unbelievable bias against dogs, especially those over 35 pounds.  I understand a pet deposit, I understand monthly rent.  But what I can’t understand is the sheer multitude of apartment buildings that forbid you to live with a pet, and who will then discriminate by weight. We’ve lost many options now strictly on this factor, and I’m beyond fed up with all of the dog-haters.

So, we are now searching for apartments (on the ground floor for ease of walking dogs….) but even THAT was disappointing today. After seeing the apartment building of our dreams, we sat down ready to sign a lease a month early just so we could have the most amazing place, only to find out in the time we were touring the apartment it was rented online.

I was silent the whole way home, and may have shed a single frustrated tear after Scott dropped me off at my place. May have. I confess not.

What worries me is the fact that this is something as lousy as apartment hunting – I can’t imagine the disappointment that stems from not getting your dream HOUSE. That’s a bridge I think I’ll wait to cross.

In the meantime, wish us luck with the remaining places we see this week. And if while you sleep tonight, you are awakened by a shriek of “uncle” – it’s coming from Alexandria,


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    1. Hi,
      Don’t know what location you have in mind, but my husband and I used to live in the Wellington on Columbia Pike, and they are SUPER dog friendly. They actually have 2 dog parks in the back – one for little dogs, and one for large dogs – there is a shuttle to the metro, and it’s close to all the new development on the Pike. We used to walk up the street to Giant when it was nice out. There is a pet deposit, but unless they changed their policy in the year since we have lived there, they didn’t have any issues with larger dogs. There were plenty of people with Labs and Goldens. We signed our lease before all the redevelopment so I don’t know how that has impacted the price, but I would recommend it there. Good luck with your search!

      1. Thank you so much for your advice! We actually found an apartment in Old Town that allows dogs – couldn’t believe how hard it was to find something! Have traveled over to see your blog, always excited to find a new homeowner itching for décor and improvements :) Can’t wait to read more, and thanks for stopping by!

    1. I’m sorry mama! Everything will come together, I can just feel it! I know it’s discouraging, but keep your head up!

    1. Oh man that is not a fun situation to deal with! Good luck! Hope you find something soon!

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