10 Things to Do While it Snows Outside

1. Cook together
Scott and I are experimenting more in the kitchen, and honestly this is the first time in my life where I actually enjoy cooking! My family likes to kid that I don’t have any domestic skills, but I’d bet Scott would be willing to disagree :) Make some soup, put together a yummy salad, or just throw something together and see what happens…


2. Movie Marathons
Whatever floats your fancy: Disney, Christmas, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, or my personal favorite – Downton Abbey. Whenever you are stuck indoors, it’s fun to theme the day around a particular set of movies or TV shows. Grab some coffee, a blanket, and find a good place to snuggle (for about 6 hours) on the couch.

3. Go to a movie
If the weather isn’t too bad and you can be safe getting out, head to the theater and take in a newer flick. Last Sunday, Scott whisked me off to Catching Fire, and we always talk about how much we love the movies when we walk back to the car. Though at almost $11 a pop, going to the theater may soon be an exclusive trip for the rich and elite.

4. Play in the snow
Scott and I have yet to bundle up and make snow angels, but this is one of my favorite things to do. In the winter at home, my sister and I head out to the barn and play on the horses in the snow. LOVE this. But if you can, put on your snowsuit and head out to make angels, build a fort, or have a classic snowball fight.

5. Card Games
I am a huge fan of Hand and Foot, a 2-6 player game that is majorly addictive. But my Dad and step-Mom will play Sequence for HOURS on end. I think it’s the cutest thing in the world :) Instead of vegging on the couch, deal a deck of cards and just play.

6. Nintendo Рor other lesser quality systems ;) 
Scott just bought me a classic Nintendo, of which I have been “mentioning” for months. Though I’m not what you could call a gamer, I adore computer and video games in moderation. Admittedly, I am looking at a new computer soon so I can game appropriately once Sims 4 gets released…
In the meantime, hook up your system, get in beanbag chairs, and lounge in front of the game like teenagers.¬† I recommend Super Mario 3….

7. Open a bottle of wine (which can be paired with most of these activities)
Haven’t you seen Scott’s shelf?? I know it pales to some, but I only ever had A bottle in my possession at any given time. Now, Scott will prop himself in front of his rack and we actually pick out exactly what we feel like drinking on any given night, and it’s so fun. Even though we’ve had many bottles over the past year, whenever we open one up and cheers, there is something flirty and romantic about sitting with the man you love and sipping an amazing wine.

8. Make Christmas cookies
Scott doesn’t know it yet, but I might invade his apartment later today and make cut out cookies :) During the Christmas season, pull out the flour and sugar and get to baking! I love making cupcakes, but Mr. Sweet-tooth is an amazing cookie maker. Not only are we cooking more together, but evenings in we like to get playful in the kitchen and bake a bit – and if you end up in a flour-war, that can be fun too…

9. Stay in bed and talk about being productive 
It’s my favorite feeling when a snow day has been announced, and the day suddenly becomes a golden opportunity to get everything on the to-do list accomplished. However, all too often it is more fun to be lazy when you can, than run around like a mad-person. Strike a good balance on this one, if you can.

Ivan and Miah have this practice down to a science…

10. And while you’re there, make out :)
No explanation needed (though it certainly is one of our favorite things to do!)

Happy Snow Season!


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    1. oh you sound so happy! I love all your things to do in the snow!! Love the pups sleeping on the bed. Happy Holidays and have fun whatever you choose to do!

      1. SO happy, Kimberly – so very much. And the pups have absolutely nailed it – that’s prime real estate as far as they’re concerned! Happy Holidays, darlin, always good to hear from you!!

    1. I think our snow days are pretty much the exact same… Aren’t they the best ever?! Enjoy yours today, girl!

      1. Soooo it’s Thursday. When is our next snow day??? :)
        You had a two hour delay yesterday, didn’t you? Lucky. ACPS never follows the crowd!
        Hope your short week is going well!

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