POV Rooftop Lounge at the W Hotel Washington, DC: Woo with a View.

I apologize for the cheesy title. I’m an English teacher, I can’t help it.

The thing about dating a guy like Scott is that there are no limits and no parameters when he makes plans for a date. And if I’m game, which I’m learning to be, if he asks “are you tired?” when we leave a restaurant on Friday night, I say “no” and we’re off to another trick up his sleeve.

For months (probably as long as we have been dating) Scott has been talking about taking me to the rooftop of the W Hotel in DC, the POV Rooftop Lounge. He talked up the amazing views, albeit a bit pricey for a cocktail, but worth the trip nonetheless. A few weeks ago when he asked that same question after an amazing dinner at the Warehouse Bar and Grill in Old Town Alexandria, I said I wasn’t tired, and off we went to the W Hotel.

It was a gorgeous night, sky completely clear, and DC was more than breathtaking – both from the street as well as the rooftop. It took us a little while to find parking on the street, but after a few dozen couple trips around the block, we made it. Walking into the W is a bit intimidating, but the mood was set with a live acoustic artist and soft lighting in the lobby. By the time I got to the roof, I felt a bit like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. Scott promised me when he pursued (a rather hestitant) me that he was going to sweep me off my feet, and keep on at it for as long as I let him. He does. And that night, I was totally swept up in the entire experience.

The rooftop was nothing short of incredible – the views were all that they were promised to be and much, much more. The ambiance was relaxed with an interesting mix of patrons, all dressed well and enjoying the ample comfortable seating along the perimeter of the rooftop. Scott ordered us sparkling wine, my ultimate favorite, and we found a spot along the railing in which to relish in the view.

Seriously – it was beautiful. I lived in Istanbul, Turkey for a few months and nightly could look across the Bosphorus at the ancient city all lighted and twinkling. Having been there, I was sure anything else I saw would be dwarfed by the view of Istanbul. But standing there next to Scott, looking down on our nation’s capital with the White House standing strong in the background, the excitement and the splendor could not be rivaled.

While we were standing there, and I was fumbling with my phone to take a shameless selfie (couples hazard) a man nearby approached us and offered to take the shot, admitting that he just celebrated his 19th wedding anniversary and we couples have to “stick together”.  That small gesture, accompanied with the magnificence of the view and the man holding my hand, made the evening unforgettable.

If you live in the area, reserve a trip to the POV Lounge for one of the few remaining warm and beautiful autumn nights in DC. And if you live elsewhere, I urge you to say “yes” the next time you’re offered a spontaneous adventure with the one you love.


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