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How many of you remember the term, “don’t judge a book by its cover”? I figure just about everyone recalls hearing that term just about every time you said no to something. For our purpose, I’m going to say, “don’t judge a restaurant if it’s attached to a hotel”. This comment certainly isn’t as common, but still holds the same meaning. Restaurants attached to hotels shouldn’t simply be compared to the room service you ordered that one night, but in several areas now they are restaurants frequented from mostly individuals that aren’t staying overnight.

Have you had an apple cider gin and tonic? How about a drink called “amnesia”? I’ll go out on a limb and say many of you have yet to go to Nage Bistro in Washington, DC, located just off Rhode Island Ave, and after this I hope you realize that needs to change.

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The truth is, I was introduced to Nage by a high school classmate of mine. He’s still working at Nage and if not for him I can honestly say now, after a couple visits, I would’ve missed out on a hidden DC gem.

Nage is attached to a hotel, which I think was my initial reaction; another hotel bar. I had gone there for dinner once before, with a couple friends, and was impressed with what it had to offer. Over the last several months, my friend Adam, who you should all meet when you go, has been telling me a great deal about the revised drink menu. They have been expanding and switching out some of the wines and beers, but also coming up with some very original drink ideas. So back to my original question, have you ever had an apple cider gin and tonic? Well I have and it’s delicious!

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Though this is a smaller restaurant that you might even miss when walking by, it’s worth the stop for happy hour and it’s definitely worth the stop for dinner. If you’re just sitting at the bar with friends, as I was my last visit, I would recommend the bacon wrapped stuffed dates, the brussel sprouts, and the frites, all of which are delicious. When it comes to a drink there are several to choose from but until the fall season is behind us you’ll thank me when you try the apple cider gin and tonic.

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