In (several) Medina Minutes

When people ask us where we are from, the typical response is “Buffalo”. When I have the energy, I say “half way between Buffalo and Rochester”. And in the rare case when I know the person has ties to Western New York, I say “Medina”, hoping I get more than a blank stare.

Scott and I both were raised in the historic village on the Erie Canal. The fact that we graduated together but didn’t start dating until 10 years later is another story for another day. But yes, both hail from the quaint town which until recently could boast more cows per capita than people.

While Scott was raised in Medina proper, I call a farm on the outskirts my home. Horses, a pond, 24 acres of wooded bliss…it’s nothing short of idyllic. Of course, there is a dilapidated 1850s farmhouse, but my mom is doing her best to bring it back to its former splendor. Either way, well-water and lack of a central heating system, it’s home.

 photo IMG_0437_zps3d94c4c3.jpg photo IMG_0392_zps503f5d8d.jpg photo IMG_0280_zps52f82cd0.jpg photo IMG_0266_zps5a1a4ed3.jpg photo IMG_0250_zps3b0f5ec2.jpg photo IMG_0242_zps24705a30.jpg photo IMG_0200_zpsa8c47cd9.jpg

Because Medina is so small, (good things come in small packages, right?) Scott’s house in the village and my farmstead are a mere 5 minutes apart. But between the two, our historic Medina and quaint Main street are nestled.

Scott and I took a stroll downtown this past weekend, actually pausing to notice the landscape and the layout in a way that we never have. Granted, the “main street” with all of the shops is about two blocks total, it was still a step back for us, reminding us of our youth as well as the decades (centuries?) that came before.

 photo IMG_2036_zps34d50aeb.jpg photo IMG_2034_zps45995222.jpg photo IMG_2032_zpscea88831.jpg photo IMG_2031_zpse5000e77.jpg photo IMG_2029_zpsc65d83dd.jpg photo IMG_2027_zps8473f604.jpg photo IMG_2025_zps06203cc6.jpg photo IMG_2023_zps567abc37.jpg photo IMG_2022_zps896d6cda.jpg photo IMG_2021_zps10fa40c6.jpg photo IMG_2018_zpsbd2f1f94.jpg photo IMG_2017_zps0a7a1f2a.jpg photo IMG_2016_zps161457a5.jpg photo IMG_2014_zps172deeb2.jpg photo IMG_2011_zps41532ebf.jpg
 photo IMG_2009_zpseaf01572.jpg photo IMG_2008_zps2bcd1c9b.jpg photo IMG_2007_zpsb4a5e4a9.jpg photo IMG_2005_zpsba482e74.jpg photo IMG_2003_zpse42daf07.jpg photo IMG_1998_zpsceeae2a1.jpg photo IMG_1997_zps88e7858c.jpg photo IMG_1996_zps1340f5b9.jpg photo IMG_1995_zps4a024a32.jpg photo IMG_1994_zpsdd7f9080.jpg photo IMG_1993_zps63519de6.jpg

Excited as we are about DC and all things Northern Virginia, we were reminded of where we come from, and we all know that if you really want to know a man, you must know from whence he hails.
We hail from the heartthrob of the Erie Canal. Our beautiful, historic, Medina New York. 


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    1. Just came across your blog. I was so happy to see someone from Medina. My mom was born in western NY in Middleport and we would often the canal and Medina. I spent many summers and Christmas breaks up there and miss it. We would fly into Buffalo and go straight to the Anchor Bar for pizza and wings. We usually would venture off to Lewiston NY and Niagra.

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