Old Town Alexandria Ghost Tour

Imagine a walk that begins with a story of a wealthy abusive womanizer, a beautiful woman who is murdered, and subsequently a hanging that results in sightings of his ghost returning for closure.  Oh, and this is only the first stop on the Old Town Alexandria Ghost Tour.

With a group of about 15 others, varying in ages from children (the conversation on what a womanizer is probably going to be fun for those parents) to several couples who have shared their 29th birthdays several times, the tour starts at the Alexandria Visitor’s Center and concludes at the cemetery (fitting I guess). The tour in its entirety is just long enough to keep you engaged and wanting one more story. That said, you certainly get a taste of everything; many of the stories even have occurrences from the last 5 years.

One of the most gruesome stories revolves around one of our very favorite local hangouts – King Street Blues on St. Asaph Street in Old Town. Without giving away too much, let’s just say too much drinking + one reckless trolley car = loss of a very important appendage. Story goes, this guy is still wandering around Old Town on St. Asaph looking for his…ahem….appendage.

One of the most interesting stories took place at Gadsby’s Tavern, with the tale of the “Female Stranger”, the unnamed stranger still haunts room number 8 at Gadsby’s Tavern, which back in the day was also a hotel. Following a story about a womanizer and possible murdered named Victor, I think most of the men were happy to hear a more intriguing story about a “Female Stranger”. The story includes two individuals with no known names, the female mysteriously dying of illness, and the man disappearing immediately following without a single bill paid. Believe in ghosts or not, this story has recent follows ups of people seeing a female in the room or at events that have taken place at the historic Gadsby’s Tavern. That being said, when we make it there for dinner soon I might be more interested in a possible sighting than what is on the menu. Might.

The tour is only $13 a person, so definitely give it a try. There are two tours from which to choose, so we might just have to head over for the second before October ends. Oh and next time you’re walking on St. Asaph St. and see an individual walking through the fog, I’d recommend running while waving your hands and screaming in a high pitched voice into King St Blues. Say hi for me.


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